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These articles are the best place start for anyone beginning to research specialty adhesives and sealants.

General Adhesives & Sealants

The category of industrial adhesives and sealants is huge. For our discussion we mainly focus on thermosetting adhesives such as epoxies, urethanes, acrylates, etc. for use in mid to large-scale assembly projects.


As a result we will not cover all topics related to industrial adhesives, however, if there is a topic in particular you would like covered please feel free to reach out!

UV Curable

As you probably already know or can infer, UV (ultraviolet) curable resins are similar in function to traditional adhesive & sealant products. Like an epoxy, silicone, or polyurethane, UV resins are liquid materials that can be cured via a polymerization reaction to either bond, coat, pot, or seal components.


However unlike traditional adhesives, these system are polymerized via radiation, normally within the UV spectrum.

Electrically Conductive

Neat epoxy polymers are highly electrically insulating. However, when these same epoxy resins are filled with electrically conductive filler materials, the resulting polymerized composite material is able to achieve low levels of electrical resistivity that compete with solder in many electronics applications.


Although solder is still able to outperform any epoxy purely in terms of electrical conductivity, thermosetting epoxies offer some physical and assembly benefits that are superior to solder alternatives.


As a result, electrically conductive epoxies find themselves in a growing number of electronic applications, including, but not limited to, "cold solder" applications.

Thermally Conductive

Thermally conductive adhesives are a category of Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) that provide a combination of low thermal resistance and high bond strength across an interface. These polymer products are typically utilized in such applications as heat sink mounting, die bonding, electronic encapsulation, coil potting, and more.
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