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Cova Scientific By Cova Scientific • September 11, 2015

Optically Clear Epoxy Selection Tips



 Selecting the perfect performance adhesive, sealant, or potting compound can be an extremely difficult job. However, this process is made exceptionally easier when you begin to determine which properties you absolutely either can't have or can't do without. In display applications, for example, chosing an optically clear epoxy, polyurethane or acrylate system is a must.

With this in mind, if you're beginning the process of adhesive selection for you display or opto-electronic application, learning a little more about the following optically clear epoxy, polyurethane and acrylate options is a great place to start the selection process. As you do your research make sure you keep note of properties you realize your application absolutely can't have or can't do without.

Get Started Identifying Liquid Display Adhesives That Meet Your Application Specifications

1. Nexus Polyurethane and Actylate Products

Nexus adhesive systems are designed specific for their bonding strength, providing toughened and durable adhesion between substrates.

  • Nexus 52101 - a clear, two-part, high performance polyurethane adhesive, designed specifically as a polycarbonate bonder and encapsulant material. convenient one to one ratio and mix-packable.
  • Nexus 53051 - a low viscosity, high performance, optically clear polyurethane adhesive, specifically designed for LED encapsulation. Will keep optical properties and resist yellowing.
  • Nexus 71151 - a fast UV light curing, clear acrylate adhesive, designed for LED encapsulation and related display applications. Cured polymer is rigid and is non-yellowing.

2. Acura Clear Acrylate

Specialty adhesives and sealant systems for electronic and opto-electronic instruments. Includes a number of products with different base chemistries. 

  • Acura 71131 - a fast UV-curing, optically clear urethane acrylate that has been designed specifically for LCD interface applications.The cured product is an exceptionally soft, low modulus, and flexible polymer that provides a tenacious bond without imparting stress.

3. Entex Optically Clear Epoxy

Engineered high performance encapsulants for electronic assemblies. Two-part, room temperautre cure epoxy and polyurethane sealants.

  • Entex 84251 - an optically clear epoxy sealant that displays low shrinkage and is designed for electronic potting. Final product is clear, rigid and high temperature resistant.

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