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Cova Scientific By Cova Scientific • January 19, 2016

The Cova In Cova Scientific


Here at Cova Scientific we’re dedicated to making the specialized adhesive and sealant research process easier by providing web based resources and consulting services to directly connect corporate engineers with polymer formulators. But why cova? What exactly inspired this portion of the full name Cova Scientific?

Cova Is Short For Covalent

Some of you might have been able to guess this right off the bat, but the Cova in Cova Scientific is short of covalent.

A covalent bond is a type of chemical bond that involves the sharing of electrons between two atoms. This sharing of electrons results an intermolecular attraction that can only be described as a "bond." Although the definition only applies to an interaction between two atoms, a single atom may partake in several covalent bonds, resulting in covalent structures or molecules.

All molecules and therefore polymer adhesives are held together by covalent bonds. However, most important to Cova Scientific are the following types of adhesives, sealants and polymer properties, all of which revolve around covalently bonded materials.

How Can Cova Help You?

As it is apart of our mission to streamline the adhesive & sealant selection process on the web, we'd like to help you in any way possible in your adhesive & sealant research. Specifically, we'd like to do this by providing:

  • Online Educational Resources - This is mainly accomplished through our blog which focuses on adhesive and sealant selection tactics, and provides helpful information regarding the benefits and properties of polymer adhesives.
  • Free Application Specific Consulting - At Cova Scientific we work with a curated network of specialty adhesive formulators and will help you connect with the right supplier for your application. Simply tell us a little about your specific assembly challenges and goals and we'll put you on the right track so you can get accurate price quotes and begin samples products as soon as possible. All this absolutely free. Click on the link below to get started.

Discuss Your Application And Connect With Specialty Material Suppliers